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What to Bring to Daycare??

The following is a list of items that Blessings From Above Christian Child Care Center will require that the parent bring with their child to daycare:

Infants 0-12months of age:

            -Diapers (at least 6 per day)


            -A change of clothing (it's a good idea to bring

             2-3 changes of clothes)

            -Formula (ALL BABIES WILL BE GIVEN



Toddlers 12 months until potty trained:

             -Diapers (at least 6 per day)


             -Changes of clothing


Toddler that are in the process of potty-training:

             -Must have all of the items listed above AND

              at least 3 changes of clothing and 3 pairs of

              plastic underwear covers

We do not allow flip-flop style shoes!